Middle School Cuts Energy Costs by 28% with Xpress

Middle School Cuts Energy Costs by 28% with Xpress

A 933-student middle school near Dallas, TX significantly reduced annual kWh by integrating the Xpress adaptive-control based chilled water optimization solution with their existing building automation system.

Facility Bio

  • Justin, TX
  • 933-students
  • 2 x 220 ton chillers
  • 2,200 hour cooling season
  • 893,000 annual ton hours


  • Standard control sequence, no optimization
  • Static CHW supply temperature setpoint
  • System operating at 1.31 kW/ton


  • Convert plant hydronic system to Integrated Primary-Secondary® (IPS)
  • Implement Xpress Energy Efficiency Dashboard
  • Xpress real-time adaptive algorithms including:
    • Energy-based chiller sequencing
    • Chiller temp optimization
    • Pump speed optimization

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $15,000 annual savings
  • 3.1-year payback

Energy Impact

  • 133,000 kWh saved annually

Operational Benefits

  • Budget freed up for other needs
  • Real-time energy data for all equipment
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