Optimized Installation AND kW/ton

Optimized Installation AND kW/ton

Property developer chooses tekWorx optimization and a packaged plant to meet new tenant’s occupancy schedule and corporate energy goals

Facility Bio

  • Columbia, MD
  • Data center + Class A office space
  • 3 separate buildings occupied by same tenant


  • Space and cooling modifications underway to accommodate new tenant
  • Limited physical space and short occupancy schedule
  • Site required to comply with corporate energy mandates


  • Self-contained packaged CHW plant for each building
  • Variable-Primary hydronic design to save space and minimize energy costs
  • tekWorx CEO® to control plant and optimize kW/ton
  • Integrate each plant with BAS system, connect buildings together

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $85,000 savings vs. portfolio
  • $15,000 savings vs. target
  • Savings based on actual cooling production of 3,500,000 annual ton-hours

Energy Impact

  • Average portfolio efficiency: .9o kW/ton
  • Site target efficiency: 70 kW/ton
  • Actual site efficiency (first full year): .65 kW/ton

Operational Benefits

  • Fully automated system
  • Ability to remotely monitor critical values, conditions and alarms
  • Equipment operation automatically adjusted to minimize total plant kW/ton under all conditions
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