Hospital Optimizes Chilled Water Plant to Save 30%

Chilled Water Plant Optimization Cuts Hospital’s Annual Energy Costs 30%

Performance contract enables hospital to recover lost cooling capacity and cut costs 30% with tekWorx innovative hydronic design and adaptive control strategy.

Facility Bio

  • Rockville, MD
  • 313 bed hospital with Acute Care Center
  • 500,000 ft² facility
  • Four (4) Trane chillers
  • 3,700 tons installed cooling capacity


  • Healthcare system energy reduction initiative for all sites
  • Primary-Secondary-Tertiary system with inherent inefficiencies
  • High system pressure
  • Low CHW ΔT
  • High kW/ton
  • Ineffective building pump control required manual intervention
  • Andover BAS with standard sequence, no optimization


  • Convert plant to Integrated Primary-Secondary® design to eliminate bypass
  • low and blending, raise ΔT

  • Install VFDs on 3 of 6 primary CHW pumps
  • Control tertiary pumps to reduce system pressure and wasted energy
  • Install adaptive Control Engine Optimization® solution to continuously minimize kW/ton

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $140,000 utility rebate
  • $87,400 in annual energy savings

Energy Impact

  • 760,000 kWh saved annually
  • .31 kW/ton energy efficiency improvement

Operational Benefits

  • System experiences much less wear and tear
  • Reduced manual intervention
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