Chrysler Cuts Cooling Costs 28%, Earns $200,000 Utility Rebate

Chrysler Cuts Cooling Costs 28%, Earns $200,000 Utility Rebate

Facility Bio

  • Auburn Hills, MI
  • 5.3 million ft2 corporate R&D, and data center space
  • Offices for 13,000 employees
  • Fourteen (14) chillers totaling 17,640 tons capacity
  • 24/7/365 critical operations


  • Outdated controls required continuous manual oversight
  • All CHW flow in/out of (2) 3-million-gallon storage tanks
  • Constant speed primary pumps with balance valves
  • Secondary pump VFDs improperly controlled
  • More chillers often running than necessary
  • Low CHW ΔT, high kW/ton


  • Convert chilled water loop to full variable flow
  • Implement redundant PLC and adaptive Control Engine Optimization (CEO®) solution
  • Integrate CEO® with existing site BAS to facilitate remote access
  • Utilize storage tanks to minimize energy
  • VFDs on pumps and towers only when justified by payback

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $200,000 DTE Energy rebate, maximum incentive
  • 28% reduction in annual energy costs
  • 1.7-year payback

Energy Impact

  • 12,130,000 kWh saved annually
  • .35 kW/ton efficiency improvement

Operational Benefits

  • Improved reliability of operations
  • Minimized operator oversight
  • Pumps running in eye of efficiency curve reduces maintenance
  • Remote access provides:
    • Improved performance monitoring & verification
    • Reduce trouble shooting and response time
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