tekWorx CEO® + JCI Metasys = A Painless Upgrade

tekWorx Xpress® + JCI Metasys = A Painless Upgrade

tekWorx adaptive optimization solution was seamlessly integrated with the existing BAS for big savings without any interruption to site operations.

Facility Bio

  • 450,000 ft² transaction processing center
  • Three (3) Trane constant speed chillers
  • 2,100 tons cooling capacity
  • Traditional Primary-Secondary design
  • Standard BAS control sequence, no optimization


  • Client needed to meet corporate energy reduction goals
  • Mission critical facility, no operational downtime permitted
  • Optimization upgrade had to be compatible with existing BAS


  • Integrate Xpress® adaptive optimization® technology with existing JCI Metasys infrastructure
  • Supervisory configuration to:
    • Maintain existing field wiring
    • Reduce integration risk & installation time

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $43,000 in annual energy savings
  • 3-year payback

Energy Impact

  • 800,000 kWh saved annually
  • .21 kW/ton efficiency improvement

Operational Benefits

  • No disruption to site operations
  • Remote user access throughout facility
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